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These are 10 of the best tips that have inspired me from Music school.
0:41 What makes you different
1:33 Networking is the key to success
2:28 Its not about who you know, its about who knows you
3:04 If you want to learn, teach yourself
3:50 Everyone learns and has unique abilities
4:40 Persistence is the key to achieving goals
5:08 Its not what you play, its how you play it
5:51 Having a clear niche and clear goals
6:52 Its not about what you do during school, its about what you do with it

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Hi, I am ChromeZone, this is my humble abode. A little into my backstory; My birth name is Garrett Daniel Lindsay, I was born in Scarborough North Yorkshire, UK May 26 1995, I moved to AU November 2007 - Biggest and most life changing thing that's ever happened to me. I am a quirky, creative and introspective guy who loves Pokemon, Marvel and WWE but most of all I love Music. I love teaching and sharing music knowledge with the world through making video's for youtube and on Facebook. Most of all! My goal is to inspire the world and make it a better place. Hope you enjoy my Facebook and my other socials.

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Have a beautiful day! every day you can rewrite your story, your life is in your control. #Believe and Inspire the world. Everyday be grateful for what we have, gratitude is the key to ever lasting happiness.


What's up guys welcome to my humble abode my bedroom studio my name is chrome zone if you haven't met me before I'm basically a music producer I have been making music for like eight years I've been making videos also for a long time I have a bachelor degree in music you know I've been going to uni for a very long time for about five years to study music production and.

Basically today's video is on that and basically the top things that I got from my music degree in this whole video so passing my knowledge to you guys about some inspiring things that I got along the way so let's get straight to it so the number one thing that I got from uni was before teacher I was sitting down with him talking about me as a music producer my story and everything we had.

A really deep conversation his name is Luke and he told me basically what makes you different so you can be a music producer make a letter electronic music you can be a content creator making all sorts of YouTube videos what actually separates you from the rest what is something about yourself that is completely different from everyone else in the marketplace what separates you.

From the gang to make you a lone wolf and makes you like different but in a good way so that's something that I've thought about for a very long time and finding out my unique voice in this industry to figure out who I am and what do I want to become the next number one thing that I've gotten from a lot of different students that they also Institute of music was networking is the.

Best possible way for you to get into the music industry so going to music school gives you that way to connect with people that are so similar to you but it also gives you the groundwork to being able to network with different musicians different people in different departments to get where you want to be in this industry for me it was networking with music producers but also.

Many other people like people in music theatre people in the acting world people trying to do things a little bit differently than just music I want to be a content creator so I'm gonna try and network with people in the content creation and audio tech space does this mean but everyone's different so you gotta find your niche and network within that niche to get to where you want to.

Be another huge piece of advice that I got from a teacher through my music degree was him saying it's not who you know it's about who knows you so it's about building up that reputation of you being either a music producer or a musician a studio musician a content creator it's about building up that reputation and then you get jobs because it's like they recommend you and it's.

That word-of-mouth that is so important in this industry to get yourself out there so it's not who you know it's about who knows of you and your reputation it's very important this piece of advice honestly changed my life so I was wanting to make certain type of music which was drum and bass but they didn't really focus on that at my degree but a teacher said well if you want to.

Learn about that one you go on YouTube and teach yourself that to me is an amazing piece of advice because you don't always have to be spoon-fed information you can go out there and look for the information yourself and be resourceful find out the information that you want to know it YouTube is a great resource so if you want to know something teach yourself and go out.

There and focus on what you want to know and then expand on that the next big thing is also knowing that everyone is good in different ways so I'm not the best guitarist for like live performance in fact for live performance I'm quite anxious and I get you know I get quite shaky when I'm performing live I do have that anxiety when going onstage but some people are so good at that everyone is.

Good at different things on stage and it's not about comparing yourself to other people it's about knowing what you're good at and every single person is just good in different ways they all learn in different ways so accepting who you are what you want to be and focus on that focus on the tunnel vision of who you want to become don't focus on this or that or the other.

Comparing yourself to other people focus on you and know what you're good at know your strengths and focus on that the next big piece of advice is having persistence so I was at uni for five years and I went through many ups and downs but it's the fact that I finished the degree is what matters and a man is about being persistent to get to where.

You are and where you want to be so it's very important to have a goal and just keep going until you achieve that one thing that you want to achieve persistence is the key to success another big thing that I learned was actually in my audition so basically I just played a couple of songs to this guy and then he his advice was it's not what you play it's about how you play it.

So it's more about the emotion and telling the story as an artist you can play and like million chord progressions but it's not about the technicality it's about the emotion and the storytelling behind and it's about the conviction of you as an artist to give that information to the audience about you know emotion and all sorts so it's about not what you play it's about how you.

Played it the next biggest thing is also knowing what you're trying to achieve so I sat down with a couple of students who were studying entertainment management and then I was saying you know I really want to be a content creator I'm not sure if I want to be a live performer but I feel like I have to be a live performer if I want to be in this industry and they said just know your.

Niche and know exactly what you want to do you can't have everything just focus on you what you want to become because if you try and become a live performer then you have to give things up like the content creation to become a live performer for me I've given up becoming a live performer to become a content creator you just have to do one thing at a time.

Do do you know what you're trying to achieve in life focus on that one thing and just try and dominate that so 10x rule just go ten times harder on that one thing and things will work out the last piece of advice that I have for you is it's not about what you do during your uni degree it's about what you do after the uni degree and it's how you.

Apply the information that you have been given so for me it's like I told myself at home like how to produce music mainly but I also learnt a lot at uni and it's about how I can apply that information to this YouTube channel to utilize all the resources that were given to me and become a greater music producer or just have your goal set and achieve those goals go for them and you never know.

Where it takes you so it's not about what you do during uni it's about what happens after uni that is so important because not everyone is perfect during uni and not everyone is academic but it matters most about what happens after what you become of it do it chase your dreams become who you want to be thank you so much for watching this video on a couple of things that I got from my.

Music school experience if you want to see more please comment down below if you have any questions please comment those down below as well always like and subscribe if you want to see more content from me you know I'm always giving my heart out to you guys doing my best making content as much as possible on totally different topics such as reviews unboxings stuff like this yeah.

All sorts so if you want to stick around please like and subscribe I would really appreciate it love you guys have a beautiful day see you guys later


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