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Legends love it when the world is calling you can you hear them squirt legends never die they never lose hope and everything's cold and tired even their balls go right into spoke with the fire budget never die .

Today the same price skaars when everything starts and whoa daddy's never die legends now that.

When the world is calm never for the risks in this moment a things change Hey.

you steal the show the cruise control would be held responsible take me down I'm too strong keep saying it I'll play.

yup what does love feel like what does not feel like.

Dantas .

Oh scare us chocolate shoppers there's a ghost risco butter my daughters rocks guys .

they come in I made everything's up by I do obviously.

by why do I do why do I I do I may be right .

To get how to get to get get round and round again and always waited anticipated we'd gone again they say quit going you put .

Ten like go I'm always way there and dissipated oh yeah Stefan facing back to base with going round.

again Oh .

Oh we all left I see no signs do we go I can't listen to it turn back to return .

Oh like a star Oh stress stress the stress how much stress.

oh yeah I know your site it's a fresh set of our sites rest with the heels for high don't spend $1 per trip on our hands here a good girl had a party crashing out no one under again the best it's the grass snack okay.

two brushes to forget too hard to carry bye the projections gonna make me fall too this time.

Me my did you love some Oh give you my devotion you are my elixir you're my favorite.

Potion in the window float it's so relaxed I'm coasting minutes hours days nope I feel like time is frozen so like my favorite and we can felt like the Chi in the breeze


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