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In this video you'll see several UFO sightings. One of a massive disc shaped UFO that flew right over a volcano after an eruption. One of 6 lights that appeared over Kerch in Crimea. And another sightings of orbs that were seen over Japan.

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Hello and welcome to top UFO stories on a sound mind and body let's get started Scott C wearing of the et database has done it again he may have discovered one of the greatest UFO sightings ever on August 19th the YouTube channel Popocatepetl live flax Allah uploaded over 5 hours of live footage a volcano Popocatepetl in Mexico mister wearing combed the footage and.

Came up with what appears to be a disc shaped object flying right above the Mount of the volcano let's see that again let's slowed down slightly Scott asked in his analysis of the video who in their right minds would fly anything such as a jet or commercial.

Plane right over the mouth of a volcano this indicating that it was not a plane of any kind and the sheer size of the object rules out a drone and there are no flapping wings at all so it's not a bird the mouth of the volcano is almost 2,000 feet wide so this UFO is huge let's see if we can clear the footage up a bit .

another strange aspect to this video as Scott pointed out is that this box here is another camera angle of the same volcano at the same time yet no UFO is seen at all here how can one camera pick it up but not the other Scott also pointed out that.

The volcano erupted just a few hours before the object flew above it and you can see that the object went right through the smoke let's invert the video to see if anything else stands out if you look at the clip like this you can really make out the shape of the object the volcano has seen its fair share of UFO activity before like this cigar.

Shaped object that was seen entering the volcano and was reported on Mexican television back in 2012 and back in May of 2013 this or black object was also seen entering the volcano and it was reported on Mexican television what is it about this volcano that UFOs like so much especially after it's erupted and are these in fact alien beings coming to investigate or are they all.

Just misidentification of something from here on earth it's all about what you choose to believe so judge for yourself but before you do check out our next story where you'll see shocking video of bizarre lights that were seen over Kerch in Crimea two weeks ago if you enjoy our content please consider visiting our merch shop to support our channel we have hoodies t-shirts mugs and more even.

The smallest purchase helps us bring you the best content we can thank you on August 23rd youtube user Madhavi and uploaded a video that shows several lights above the city of Kerch in Crimea take a look here you can see six small orb like objects slowly floating in the sky and although the person who filmed this could not get the objects and focus for too long fear not.

Because two other videos were also uploaded to YouTube of the objects by Kerch net TV the first of the two is extremely clear the object seemed to assemble in different patterns and they don't appear to be moving very fast in the second video posted by Kerch net TV someone caught the event from further away while at the beach let's do an.

Enhancement of the best clip of the objects now no one seems to know what was going on in the skies over Crimea that day but with several pieces of evidence coming to light it shows that it was not a hoax this was something that got people's attention what do you think that something was something from out of this world or something from our world decide for yourself when we come.

Back you'll see videos that show similar objects like the ones you've just watched only this time they were seen over Japan just a few days earlier don't go anywhere we'll be right back welcome back to of sound mind and body on August 19th 2019 several videos were uploaded to YouTube by the user Lotus ralien the objects were witnessed by a schoolgirl in Okinawa Japan and her.

Reaction to seeing the objects is quite astounding take a look to get to video the short clips seemed to show a glowing orb that slowly floats across the sky as the young girl seems to be scared but then a second orb appears.

Here's what the witness stated on her YouTube channel of the event so are these objects and the objects in our previous segment connected to each other in some way they were all witnessed just days apart but these sightings can't all be misidentification of something made here on earth could they all of these stories we've shown you.

Today are all up to you to decide what you want to believe but we thank you for watching and be safe remember if you like the videos produced by a sound mind and body please subscribe you click the bell to receive notification of future uploads your support helps us bring you new and exciting videos almost every day thank you.


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